heroes among us


Q. Who can set up a Heroes website?
A. Anyone who desires to celebrate the life of another person (or self) can set up a free Heroes Among us website.

Q. What do I need to Create a Heroes page?
A. All you need is a few minutes to go through the set-up process online. If you like, you may enhance your page by adding a personal message and some pictures to share with your visitors.

Q. Is there a cost to set up a Heroes page?
A. No, there is no cost, we simply hope you will help support programs, services, advocacy and research by raising money through your Heroes page. A start-up donation form is encouraged when establishing your website.

Q. How do visitors make an online donation?
A. Visitors will be guided through a fast, easy and secure donation process where they simply enter their name and address, together with the number and expiration date of their Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card.

Q. How can I tell how much money has been raised through my Heroes Page?
A. There is a graphic on each Heroes website which shows how much money has been raised, making it easy to check how your page is doing. You also have the option of setting a fundraising goal, and you can check your progress at any time.

Q. Do Hereos donors get tax receipts?
A. Yes, e-receipts and printed receipts are issued for all donations of $5 or more.

Q. My questions have not been answered, who can I contact?
A. If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to getinvolved@efa.org or call 800-213-5821