2014 National Walk for Epilepsy


 Hi, teammates!

Thank you for joining the EFWCP A-Team!  We are thrilled to have you be a part of the action with us! 

If you haven't heard of the EFWCP's A-Team before, we would like to introduce ourselves!  Amanda Stein is the Children and Family Services Coordinator for the Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central PA affiliate.  Amanda enjoys mustaches on inanimate objects, giraffes, and a complete lack of glitter in her life.  Andrea Zonneveld is the Community Education and Events Coordinator for the same affiliate.  Andrea is a little bit of a nerd and enjoys math and science.  Seriously.  She jokes about DNA.

We share an office, a brain, and creative ingenuity.  We have been lovingly nicknamed "The A-Team" (by ourselves) because our co-workers often mix up our names.  The nickname works because we often team up to solve problems for children and families with epilepsy struggling in schools.  Amanda will help the parents with IEP/504 questions and Andrea will educate the school on seizure recognition and response.

The A-Team, if you can't tell already, likes to have fun and be silly while also being as productive as possible.  We hope you will join us at the National Walk for Epilepsy in DC and walk with our team!  This will be the 3rd year at the walk for the A-Team so let's triple our teammates and fundraising!

See you in DC!

Amanda and Andrea


EFWCP A-Team Raised
Amanda Stein $35.00
Peggy Beem-Jelley $35.00
Charles Jelley $35.00
Lara Jelley $35.00
William Jelley $35.00
Emily Lawrence $35.00
Grace Lawrence $35.00
Rick Lawrence $35.00
Andrea Zonneveld $35.00
Team Gifts $100.00
Denotes a Team Captain