2014 National Walk for Epilepsy


The Epilepsy Foundation wants to thank everyone who came out in support of the 2014 National Walk for Epilepsy.  Please be sure to share your feedback about the Walk by clicking here to complete our survey. 

Congratulations to our 2014 National Walk for Epilepsy winning team captains.

Most Dollars Raised


  1. AES (over $80,000)
    All AES Team Captains and special mention of Team J. Kiffin Penry lead by Dr. Elson So
  2. Team Supernus
    Christine Ray
  3. Gold & Silver Pawn
    Rick Harrison

Most Registrants


  1. Upsher-Smith (over 190 members)
    Jessica Orr
  2. AES
    Kathy Hucks
  3. Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartomas
    Ilene Miller

Family and Friends

  1. Generations of Hope (over $19,000)
    Natalie and Heather Skigen
  2. Strollin for Sammy
    Dana Lichtenstein
  3. Team Yes We Can
    Melissa Hess

Family and Friends

  1. Ben’s Bunch (over 50 members)
    Benjamin Myers
  2. Seizure Stompers
    Becca Riley
  3. Keri’s Krew
    Mike Sereikis


  1. Epilepsy Foundation Virginia (over $8,000)
    Deborah Lannen
  2. Epilepsy Foundation Chesapeake
    Monica Whipps
  3. Epilepsy Foundation North Carolina
    Amy Challgren---special mention of Ethan’s Heroes lead by Amy Challgren


  1. Epilepsy Foundation Chesapeake Region (over 80 members)
    Monica Whipps
  2. Epilepsy Foundation Virginia
    Deborah Lannen
  3. Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania
    Steve Ference
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National Walk for Epilepsy, March 22, 2014, Washington, DC Past Parcipant?Take the Survey

2014 Top Teams

  1 -  Team J. Kiffin Penry ($33,655.00)
  2 -  Generations of Hope ($22,563.00)
  3 -  Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group ($18,255.00)
  4 -  Strollin' for Sammy ($18,072.00)
  5 -  Team Supernus ($15,844.00)